IT Curation solutions for Cloud Management and Operations

QRatify deliver IT services and solutions for companies of all sizes with our focus in the following areas: Cost Management and Optimization, Design & Operation of Cloud Landing Zones and Security for Cloud & Desktop.

Services we provide for you

Cost Optimization

Cloud Landing Zone

Security for Cloud & Desktop

Cloud solutions

Cloud curation implementation

Combining curation and ratification as a holistic approach to Cloud Operations

By implementing a set of tools and processes complemented with roles and responsibilities, QRatify helps companies build a culture that enables a healthy and withstanding curation control and optimization of Cloud resources.

CLOUD Infrastructure

Your go to partner in cloud IT

QRatify assists companies in designing their cloud infrastructure to enable agility, cost management and control. With experience from some of the world’s largest implementations of the Cloud Adoption Framework, including enterprise-scale landing zone architecture, combined with our first-class development team QRatify is your go to partner in cloud IT.

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