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Your business relies on workload and application resiliency and performance. It’s in your best interest to ensure that these vital services are running in an environment that maximizes their performance and supports your demanding SLAs while keeping track of the costs

Cloud Cost Optimization solutions

Cloud Cost Optimization Done Right

One of the biggest blockers from adopting more cloud and progress on the digital transformation is lack of control with cost. All clouds comes with a cost and being able to manage and control this is key for the success of migrating or transforming your IT-Services.
There are several aspects of managing this discipline but focus areas should be ongoing cost optimization, healthy cost culture, transparent and fair way of splitting the cost. By mastering these capabilities, the goal is to bring the most value to the
business for the cost paid.

Driving down cost is not necessarily the end goal if more cost can be justified by adding more business value. Therefor mapping you cost to business value should be your end goal.

How can we help you with Cloud Cost Optimization ?

At QRatify we have experience from doing cost Optimization with some of the largest European customers on Azure. Some of these customers have saved millions of USD over time reducing their cost on Azure.


QRatify co-founder was part of a Microsoft Global design team that focused on helping large enterprises with driving down cost around the world. 

Experience from the following areas:

Cloud Optimization

The purpose of this service is to help customers optimize and become efficient with their Cloud footprint.  

History shows that by using cloud and all of its services in an optimized, cost efficient manner, your understanding and ability to take new decisions in the cloud and estimating cost is much greater as your ability to control and predict cost is key for having a visionary conversation with the business.

Optimization Review Process

To ensure that customers get the most out of our delivery we have defined a streamlined cost optimization process.

Our Engagement is focused on 3 steps, with the 4th step empowering you to continue the process internally with your teams.

We will Gather, Analyze, and then Advise you and your teams on the Opportunities and structure to leverage going forward on Cost Optimization

Cost Operating Culture

Existing approaches and functions for the traditional delivery and management of IT services are not compatible with how money and cost is driven in the cloud. Therefor it’s essential that a shared cost culture is established for how cost and value is driven when moving to the cloud.

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