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Security is a key concern when moving to the cloud, therefor finding a scalable way of maintaining security to stay secure and at the same time provide services to a mobile workforce and customers is a raising concern and challenge. 

Cloud & Desktop Security SOlutions

Cloud & Desktop Security Done Right

Security is top of the list of concerns when customers migrate their applications to the cloud. On-prem the typical way of handling security was to put up a fence around the compound and try to keep the bad guys out. In a modern cloud world this strategy is not enough. There has to be an end-to-end view on the infrastructure from the desktop or smartphone of a user, to how services or servers are protected running in the cloud. Some things do not change in order to have a security by design, you need to factor in the three corner stones of implementing security right: People, Processes and Technology. At QRatify we can help ensure you get a holistic approach to how you handle your security strategy in the cloud and on your desktop.

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At QRatify we have experience from working with some of the largest banks, insurance, and pharma companies, migrating their workloads to the Cloud. They all have security as the number one thing they want to talk about before moving workloads to the Cloud. Security and Security as a design principal is very much a mindset and in connection with cloud forces you to look different at security as the mantras followed in the on-prem world. At QRatify we will help you with looking at how Cloud can be used as an enabler for security instead as a challenge and together with you change the tools, processes and technology as a combined approach to build a secure foundation for your company’s desktop and cloud platforms.

Cloud Security

Many companies migrate to the cloud and move what they had on-prem one to one and do not factor in how security can be a fundamental part of the cloud strategy. This results in security being handled in a similar manner as it was done on-prem and does not leverage the capabilities that the cloud can offer. Furthermore, many security and governance policies are written with an on-prem mindset and therefor does not look at the world and opportunities that security in the cloud can offer. 

Desktop Security

More and more companies get hacked, systems encrypted, and data is stolen, very often this starts at a user’s desktop or smartphone. If these devices are not protected and monitored, taking the needed actions in time is critical before it’s too late. As companies’ workforce becomes more and more mobile, they also demand access to more and more data outside the company’s premises. This makes users devices a vulnerable target is they are not protected accordingly

Identity & Password Security

Users have access to more and more systems and have to remember more and more passwords. Protecting access to applications and resources across the corporate data centre is harder than ever. Finding a way to protect Identities and password from being breached is a challenge that must be solved for companies in a cloud and mobile first world.

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