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QRatify has deep experience in helping customers finding the right team model that fits their cloud strategy and vision for their workloads landing in the Cloud.

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Cloud Landing Zones Done Right

At QRatify we have learnings from some of the largest customers on Azure and have extensive experience within Oil & Gas, Retail, Banking, Shipping and Pharma to mention a few. Working with these customers we helped them move from an unknow state to a state where there were clarity and direction for where they needed to take their cloud strategy and design.
Furthermore, we helped many large customers review current design with evaluation on risk and mitigation steps for design areas reviewed.​

How can we help you with Cloud Landing Zones?

At QRatify we have experience form building some of the largest Landing Zones on Azure. Some of these customers are now spending millions USD every month on Azure.

QRatify co-founder was part of the team that developed and designed the Enterprise Scale Landing Zone concept under Microsoft Azure CAF and have helped implementing this framework at customers in the following areas.

Experience from the following areas:

Architecture Complexity

Customers lack the required level of understanding and experience on Azure. The mismatch between on-premises infrastructure and cloud-design considerations creates dissonance and friction with respect to defining architectures and standards for their migration to the cloud. They are struggling with the translation of their requirements to Azure concepts, capabilities, constructs and security model.

Lack of Trust and Desire for Control

The absence of a precise and detailed cloud architecture that is compliant with their requirements, and the lack of a well-defined operating model to support such a platform, leads IT not to trust Azure and instead strive to maintain full control. This often involves building ‘walls’ and complicated processes which ultimately get in the way of business lines adopting Azure.

Operating Compatibility

Existing approaches and functions for the traditional delivery and management of IT services are not compatible with the Azure platform and cloud operating models. When combined with a lack of skills and experience, customers are struggling to define and therefore transform their operating model to manage and support large-scale cloud infrastructure.

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